5K Runner - Start running from Couch To 5K app

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5K Runner - Start running from Couch To 5K app

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Go from your couch to running 5K / 3Miles
The proven 5K running program app for beginners

▶ Gradually increasing Walk and Run intervals
▶ Audio Coach tells when to walk / run
▶ Coach voice blends with iPhone/iPod music
▶ Also tracks of your achievements & progress
▶ It even works with any GPS app!

You can start living healthy now! You CAN do it!

----- ABOUT THE APP -----

5K Runner is the the most advanced get-in-shape app that will help you get off the couch and do a 5K (3.1Mile) run in 8 weeks. The app guides you through an 8 week program, 3 times a week, where in each workout you alternate walks and runs. An audio coach tells you when walk and when to run, as well as warmup & cooldown. The walking/running intervals gradually increase in effort over 8 weeks, with more running and less walking, until you run a 5K in one straight run.

It also works perfectly with your iPod/iPhone music player, so you can listen & enjoy music while exercising, with the audio coach telling you what to do at each interval. You don't need to look at your watch, as everything is timed and tracked. You can even run any GPS app that you want if you want to track your running route (there are many excellent free running GPS apps available).

5K Runner also tracks your achievements and lets you review each step you have done in the past. You will also earn badges as you reach important milestones, and will have the opportunity to share them with your friends if you want.

----- FEATURE LIST -----

✔ 8 Week running program, from Zero to 5K
- alternating walks and runs, increasing in difficulty
- audio coach telling you when to walk, run, warmup, and cooldown
- color coded workout tables that layout the workout plan
- works with the iPhone/iPod screen locked (dark)
- works with your iPhone/iPod music player
- works with any running GPS app (like Nike+ GPS)
- color coded screens (green = running, yellow = walking, etc)
- Audio Coach can be voice, beeps, or both
- you can start the program from the beginning, in the middle, or repeat workouts

✔ Win / Achievement tracking
- tracks each workout and shows a history of your progress
- lets you share your wins/achievements with your friends
- shows the badges you have earned as you reached key milestones

✔ Learn section
answers to the most common questions beginners have such as
- information on the running program
- running pace
- how to stretch
- repeating or skipping days
- app information and help
- contacting us for help / advice
- and much much much more!

Tested & Approved on Apple product models:
✔ Supports iPhone & iPod touch
✔ Certified on the latest product models including the latest iPhone 4 & iPod 4
✔ Hi Resolution Display support (Retina display)
✔ Tested & certified on iOS 4.0 and up, including the new iOS 4.3

----- CONTACT US -----

♥ Dear customers, we are here for you! Questions? Comments? Support? just drop us a mail to support@heavydutyapps.com
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